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We work with Straumann implants, the No. 1 company in the implants sector, to make sure you always enjoy the best possible quality.



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Dental Implants in Marbella

At Marbella Dental Arts, we are specialists in dental implants and oral rehabilitation. Our 20+ years of experience is our guarantee of quality; during this time we have rebuilt thousands of smiles, improved our patients’ oral health and self-esteem, and helped them to achieve the smile they have always dreamed of.

Implants are inserted when a patient loses a tooth and its root. The implant replaces the lost tooth to avoid any aesthetic impact on speaking and eating. We work exclusively with high-quality implants to be able to offer our patients the best possible treatment, which is why we use implants from Straumann, the world leader in dental implants.

The implants consist of an artificial titanium root that is inserted into the upper jaw or jawbone, depending on the location of the missing tooth. The process begins with setting the implant into the bone, and then positioning the crown or dental prosthesis that will give the tooth its aesthetic appearance. Thanks to the latest technology, the crown will look the same as the rest of the teeth and so no one will notice the change. Titanium is a material that’s totally compatible with the human body, so it provides a 100% guarantee of compatibility.

You will feel as if the implants were your own natural teeth. You can replace one or more missing teeth, or even replace all the teeth in your mouth by creating a fixed denture.

At our clinic, we are committed to giving you top-quality service, totally personalised according to your needs. For this reason, we offer a completely free initial consultation, during which we will identify your problem and draw up a plan of action together, always making sure that you are clear on the process that we are going to follow. You will be in the best of hands!

Advantages of Dental Implants.

The dental implants that we offer at Marbella Dental Arts are designed with quality in mind, since we are a leader in implantology in Marbella thanks to our team of specialised dentists who always make sure to offer you top-quality treatment.

Implants offer the patient many advantages, improving their quality of life, self-esteem and oral health.

You can trust us to help you to get your dream smile, we would be delighted to work with you.

Implants are a permanent solution to tooth loss; once in place, they require the same care as natural teeth, so they won’t interfere with your daily routine. They are very robust and long-lasting.
Thanks to our top-quality implants, there will be no visible difference between the implants and the rest of your teeth. Nobody will notice that you have them.
Having implants means that the bone can be preserved without damage, because the titanium screw inserted into the jawbone replaces the root of the natural tooth and performs the same function as the natural tooth.

Implants facilitate good oral hygiene: because they are fixed in place, they can be brushed normally without needing to be removed. Your toothbrushing routine should not change.

Types of Implants

At our clinic, we offer different types of implants to allow us to adapt our service to your needs and decide together which is the best solution for you. By the end of the treatment you will enjoy healthier teeth and better oral health.

Dental Implants

This is the perfect solution for patients who are missing only one tooth, perhaps due to a blow, ageing or oral disease. The implant replaces the lost tooth, performs exactly the same functions and looks just the the same.

If two or three teeth are missing, we can carry out a multiple dental implant procedure.

Oral rehabilitation

This involves replacing all the teeth in the mouth: either the upper arch, the lower arch or both. There are different types of oral rehabilitation:

Implants in all the teeth: implants are used to replaced all the missing teeth.
All-on-four: only 4 implants are used to create the entire fixed prosthesis.
Zygomatic implants: the implants are set into the bone.

Boneless Implants

For patients who have little or no bone, we use implants that are placed in the zygomatic or malar bone. We also use this style of implant in the case of patients with atrophic jaws, maxillary defects, severe bone resorption or cases of implant loss.

CEREC Technology

At Marbella Dental Arts, we work with the latest technology in dental implants: the innovative CEREC (CERamic REcontruction) system. This system consists of designing and manufacturing dental crowns on the spot, in a single session. It’s ideal for patients with a busy lifestyle or who are on holiday in the Costa del Sol, because we can achieve your desired smile in just one day: quickly and efficiently.
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