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Dental Prosthesis in Marbella

Tooth loss is very common in adults, and causes difficulties in speech, eating and aesthetics. This can cause a number of problems in the digestive system due to poorly-chewed food (gastrointestinal ulcers), as well as various oral problems (gum pain, bite and jaw problems).

At Marbella Dental Arts we keep all this in mind and we know that correct oral care is fundamental for a healthy life. For this reason, when teeth fall out we offer the option of fitting dental prostheses which don’t cause any pain or discomfort because they don’t contain metal. We use materials that are totally aesthetic, including ceramic and zirconium prostheses.

A dental prosthesis is a custom-made artificial tooth that is placed into the mouth to replace a tooth that has become damaged or has fallen out. In this way, the prosthesis helps to restore the aesthetic and the functionality of the teeth, allowing you to use your full set of teeth as normal.

The dental prosthesis specialists at our clinic will be delighted to help you. We will perform an initial diagnosis completely free of charge, during which we will study possible solutions together and draw up a plan of action, answering all your questions and ideas. Our goal is for you to enjoy a good oral health and a great dental aesthetic; with us, you will get back the best version of your smile.

Benefits of Dental Prosthesis.

Marbella Dental Arts dental prostheses are specially designed to make life easier for patients, and to provide them with what they are looking for. They adapt themselves perfectly to your mouth without discomfort or pain.

Fitting dental prosthetics affords the patient many advantages: it improves their quality of life, self-esteem and oral health.

Let us help you to get the smile you want, we would be delighted to work with you.

With all your teeth in the correct place, your pronunciation is improved, avoiding potential lisps and whistles.
Prevents healthy teeth from growing badly or tilting to try to cover the space left by a missing tooth. This means that the shape of the jaw is preserved, preventing the lips from drooping.
Completely natural look, adapted to fit your mouth. Thanks to your dental prosthesis you will be able to enjoy a perfect, totally aesthetic smile.

Restores the ability to chew any type of food without feeling sensitivity due to cold or heat. Allows you to enjoy a varied diet.

Types of Dental Prosthesis

At our clinic we offer different types of dental prosthesis so that we can adapt the treatment to your needs and decide together which solution is best for you. At the end of the treatment you will enjoy healthier teeth and better oral health.

Fixed Dental Prosthesis

Known as a Dental Bridge, this prosthesis consists of two veneers attached to another tooth that is held in place on the gum. The veneers are artificial teeth that are placed over the natural teeth, which have been previously ground down. In this way, damaged or missing teeth can be replaced. Teeth that are in good condition can support teeth that are not in good condition.

Removable dental prosthesis

Designed to replace missing teeth, these prostheses can be removed from the mouth and put back in again. There are several different types:

Conventional full dentures: Placed in the mouth once the remaining teeth have been extrated and the tissues have healed.

Immediate full dentures: Fitted after the teeth are removed.

Partial dentures: Rest on a metal frame which is attached to a natural teeth.

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