Alice Streifinger

Dental Prophylaxis

I was born on the 27th September 1959. I have always been interested in all things related to medicine and human health.

Between 1978 – 1980 I spent 2 years studying as a dental assistant in Coburg (Germany). Once I finished my studies, I worked in Munich for 10 years where I had the opportunity to learn and gain extensive experience. I moved to Heidelberg to engage in specialised professional training in Dental Prophylaxis (dental cleaning)

When I finished studying Dental Prophylaxis in Germany, I moved to Spain, where since 1991, I’ve worked in the Clinica Dental Arts, located in New Andalucía (Marbella), with Doctor Jose Luis Moreno. I have over 40 years experience as a specialist in Dental Prophylaxis.

Alice Streifinger

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