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Dental prosthesis Marbella

At our clinic in Marbella you’ll find dentist specialists in dentures that offer you the possibility of reconstructing your mouth with dental prostheses, using completely aesthetic, metal-free materials, both ceramic and zirconium.

A dental prosthesis is an artificial piece inserted as a replacement for a part of our teeth that has been damaged or lost.

The purpose of a dental prosthesis is not merely aesthetic. The mouth serves several important functions. Among the most important ones are eating (chewing food) and communicating (talking). If teeth do not fit properly, you will experience problems in performing these functions.

There are two types of dentures used to reconstruct teeth: fixed dentures and removable dentures

A fixed dental prosthesis, also known as a dental bridge, consists of two caps attached to another tooth in the gum. The caps are artificial teeth that are placed over the natural tooth that has been previously milled. This is how damaged or lost teeth are replaced. Teeth in good condition serve to support those that are not. A complete denture prosthesis is more complicated, because we need to adapt it to the mouth tissues.

A removable dental prosthesis replaces missing teeth, and can be removed and placed back in the mouth. There are various types, such as conventional full dentures, which are placed in the mouth once teeth have been extracted and the scar tissue has healed; the immediate complete prosthesis, which is placed immediately after removing the teeth; or the partial prosthesis, which rests on a metal frame, typically a nickel-chromium alloy, which supports itself on natural teeth. Sometimes crowns are placed on the teeth themselves and they serve to anchor the prosthesis.

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