This procedure consists of removing the tooth nerve.

Endodontics Marbella

Endodontics is a procedure that involves removing the pulp (the nerve of the tooth), disinfecting the ducts inside the tooth and finally sealing these ducts (they’re filled with a special material).

This treatment is necessary when the dental pulp is irreversibly affected either by caries, tooth wear, trauma, etc. It is also indicated for those teeth on which bridges or crowns (cases) are to be placed, in which the milling process (the preparation for the bridge or crown) is very comprehensive.

The alternative to endodontics is extraction and, as this is irreversible, it is always best to perform endodontics first, as there is nothing better than maintaining the tooth itself.

Once treatment is completed by the endodontic specialist dentist at Marbella Dental Arts Clinic, the tooth is covered with a temporary filling, which will be soon replaced with a permanent filling or a crown (cap), depending on the degree of the damage. This phase is as important as the root canal, as a tooth on which endodontics has been performed but has not been reconstructed, can fracture.

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