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Prevent disease and protect your smile.

We are specialists in General Dentistry treatments.
Regular check-ups on your smile can prevent bigger problems in the future. At our Dental Clinic, we help you to keep your oral health in perfect condition.

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Marbella’s top dentists/odontologists will take care of your smile. A committed team of professionals.

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We carry out a completely free diagnosis to analyse your problem.



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General dentistry in Marbella

At our clinic, we take care of the most common problems affecting the teeth and mouth in General Dentistry. We perform a check-up and also deep clean the mouth in order to prevent diseases such as tooth decay, which destroys teeth gradually; gingivitis, which causes bleeding and inflammation in the gums; or periodontitis, which causes tooth mobility or even tooth loss.

All of these problems can be solved, and can even be prevented by taking care of your teeth. They are subjected to a great deal of stress every day, and it is important that we take care of them in order to maintain a perfect smile. We recommend that you visit us periodically – approximately once every 6 months – so we can perform a dental check-up and, if necessary, prescribe treatment according to your needs.

General dentistry treatments in Marbella, take care of your smile.

Maintaining and protecting your perfect smile is very easy at Marbella Dental Arts. Our professional team is specialised in oral health, and their goal is to make you feel comfortable and happy with your mouth and teeth.

During your free initial check-up, we can perform a preliminary analysis of the condition of your mouth in order to give you a diagnosis and, if necessary, start with treatment according to your needs.

At our Dental Clinic in Marbella, we offer different types of treatments to prevent, stop or cure issues affecting your teeth.

This is a panoramic x-ray of the mouth which allows us to see all the angles and teeth contained within the mouth and jaw. It’s used to detect possible abnormalities.
Dental Cleaning
To clean those areas that can’t easily be reached with normal brushing or dental floss. We remove the bacterial plaque that accumulates between the teeth and gums in order to avoid the future possibility of diseases such as cavities or gingivitis.
We repair teeth damaged by cavities and prevent further deterioration. We have several different types of fillings depending on your requirements.
We reconstruct teeth that are in poor condition, such as broken teeth or cavities with missing walls. At Marbella Dental Arts we have a range of different treatments that we can adapt completely to suit your needs.

Your Dental Clinic in Marbella

At Marbella Dental Arts, your dental health is our top priority. For this reason, we make sure to offer you the best possible service, completely tailored to your needs, so that taking care of your smile is easier than ever. With our general dentistry treatments, we will keep your teeth in perfect health, and thanks to regular check-ups we will be able to prevent any kind of disease before it causes further damage.

You can feel completely confident when you’re being taken care of by our professional dentists.  Thanks to their extensive experience in dentistry, they will be able to help you achieve the smile you have always wanted to have, and also to maintain it over time with annual check-ups and consultations. Because what matters most to us is your oral wellbeing. If you have any kind of discomfort or simply want a check-up, please feel free to get in touch without any obligation.

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