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Dental Orthodontics in Marbella

Orthodontics is a treatment that is performed to correct bad positioning of the teeth and jaws. We help to solve problems such as overcrowded teeth, poorly positioned teeth, open bites, incorrect bites, etc.

At Marbella Dental Arts we are experts in dental orthodontics. You can feel totally confident when we’re taking care of you; our 20+ years of experience is our guarantee of quality. Dental orthodontics is suitable for any age, it is never too late to improve your oral health and avoid problems such as jaw tension, excessive wear of the teeth or tooth decay. It not only makes a difference at the aesthetic level, but also improves the health of your mouth.

We’ll perform an initial consultation totally free of charge, where we will carry out a preliminary analysis to diagnose what you need and explain the treatment to you, answering any questions you might have and working with you to draw up a plan of action which is totally adapted to your needs. What matters most to us is that you improve your oral health and achieve your dream smile.

Benefits of orthodontics, show off your best smile.

Patients who undergo orthodontic treatment at our dental clinic in Marbella are always very satisfied with the service and treatment provided. We always make sure to offer our clients the very best.

Orthodontics is necessary to relieve strain on your teeth and avoid dental problems in the future. However, not only does it improve your oral health and quality of life, but by aligning the teeth and jaw it creates an improvement at the aesthetic level, and improves the geometry of your face shape.

An orthodontics treatment at Marbella Dental Arts offers you many benefits.

Once your orthodontic treatment is complete and your teeth are well-positioned, you will enjoy better dental hygiene because there is less tartar and plaque build-up, reducing the possibility of tooth decay and gum problems.
Improved dental occlusion, relieving muscular pain such as headaches, shoulder, back and neck pain.
If the teeth are incorrectly positioned, it can affect speech by causing a lisp and whistling sound. Aligning teeth with orthodontics solves these issues.
Increase your confidence and self-esteem with a perfect smile, beautifully looked after by our dentists.

Types of Orthodontics

At our clinic, we offer various different types of orthodontics to improve your oral health. We
adapt treatments according to your needs and carry out a plan of action together. Each
treatment is unique, with different durations depending on the patient dental problems.
After an orthodontic treatment at Marbella Dental Arts, you will achieve healthier teeth and
better oral health.

Conventional orthodontics

This consists of teeth realignment using brackets, which are placed on the outside of the teeth. The most commonly used types of brackets are metal, transparent or sapphire. This kind of treatment is recommended for children and adolescents between 10 and 18 years of age due to its effectiveness and durability, although it is suitable for any age. The length of treatment will depend on the specific problems of each patient.

Invisible Orthodontics

Using the latest technological advances, we can also carry out invissible orthodontics 
treatments, which employ custom-made transparent aligners that are comfortable and easy to remove and do not cause discomfort in the mouth. They are recommended because they are very aesthetic and also hygienic, since they can be removed for eating and drinking, allowing you to perform your dental hygiene routine before putting them back in.

Orthodontics in children

Correcting teeth early on will help us prevent health problems later in life. Preventive
orthodontics in children is very important. We recommend that you bring your child for their
first visit to the dentist at the age of 6 years; we will make an initial analysis where we can
preempt any issues and make sure that your child’s permanent teeth come through correctly,
avoiding future bite problems and overcrowding.

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