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It is very important for children to receive annual check-ups, because they are going through a process of constant dental growth and regular check-ups allows us to detect potential issues before they occur.

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Children's dentistry in Marbella

At Clinica Marbella Dental Arts we care as much as you do about the oral health of the youngest members of the family. Milk teeth are very important because they allow children to develop different skills such as speaking and chewing food correctly. They are also vital to cranio-facial development, making sure there is enough space for adult teeth so that they can come through correctly in the future.

During your child’s oral development, it is very important to visit the children’s dentist at our clinic on a regular basis, because many movements and alterations can occur in children’s mouths within the space of just a few years. Our children’s dentists have more than 20 years of experience in looking after the oral health of their youngest patients, so your child will feel comfortable and safe at all times. Their trip to the dentist will be remembered as an adventure and a special day.

Children's dentistry treatments in Marbella, look after their smile.

We recommend that you bring your child to visit the dentist for the first time when all 20 milk teeth have come through, at around three years old. From that point on, it’s important that your child has regular check-ups to monitor their oral development. Between 5 and 6 years of age, the first permanent teeth will begin to appear, and special attention is necessary to make sure that their positioning is correct. From 12-13 years of age, children are prone to many kinds of oral abnormalities, both infectious and occlusal. Visiting our Marbella Dental Clinic early on ensures good oral health in the future, because we can quickly counteract any signs of problems, thus ensuring good dental health throughout your child’s development.

At Marbella Dental Arts we offer all kinds of dental treatments for children. We pay special attention to the prevention of cavities, and premature loss of baby teeth. Please feel free to get in touch with us with any questions you might have, we would be delighted to help you and the youngest members of your family.

Cavities are becoming more and more common in children. At our clinic we take care of treating and preventing cavities. We teach children to brush their teeth correctly.
Falls and blows are very common in children, and it is normal for them to suffer the loss of a tooth after a fall. We will restore the tooth, or insert a dental implant if necessary.
This occurs when a baby tooth falls out earlier than it should, or when it has to be extracted prematurely due to cavities. It is very important to take action, as this can influence the development of the rest of your child’s teeth.

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At Marbella Dental Arts, the dental health of our youngest patients is our top priority. For this reason, we make sure to offer you the best possible service, completely tailored to your needs. With our children’s dentistry treatments, we will keep your child’s teeth in perfect health, and we will be able to prevent any potential diseases. Please feel free to get in touch for whatever you need.
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