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Periodontics in Marbella

Periodontics is a dental speciality that treats diseases that affect the gums. Tartar, when not properly removed, accumulates under the gums, resulting in them becoming inflamed with infection and causing gingivitis. If this disease is not tackled quickly enough, it may develop into periodontitis, the most serious of the various diseases that affect the periodontium. Periodontal disease can spread through saliva and blood, and affect every other organ in the body.

At Marbella Dental Arts we treat periodontal diseases using a number of different methods, both surgical and non-surgical, depending on the severity and individual nature of the case.

Our professional dentists can offer you top-quality treatment thanks to their years of experience, and by working together we can solve the problem.

At our dental clinic, we perform an initial free diagnosis, during which we will analyse the condition of your teeth and gums and we will draw up a plan of action to follow. Once we have our plan we will start the treatment, which consists of a thorough cleaning of the pockets surrounding the teeth (periodontal pockets) in order to prevent damage to the bones that are connected to these areas.

Periodontics diseases and prevention


Periodontal treatment provides a solution to two types of diseases: Gingivitis and Periodontitis, diseases affecting the gums.

Gingivitis: This disease is very common among our patients. It is caused by the movement of bacteria that gradually advance through the mouth, attacking the gums and periodontal tissues, causing premature deterioration of the teeth.

Periodontitis: This is the consequence of not treating gingivitis in time: the disease becomes more severe and can even lead to tooth loss.

It is very important to visit our dental clinic early on to stop the progression of the disease and avoid major problems.


The most common causes of Gingivitis and Periodontitis are related to poor dental hygiene and diet. Therefore, in order to avoid these diseases, we recommend the following:

  • Oral hygiene: brush yoor teeth regularly, use dental floss and mouthwash.
  • Diet: eating a balanced diet will help prevent disease; sugary foods are harmful.
  • Tobacco: a negative factor in many oral diseases.
  • Other pathologies: having other dental deseases can lead to gingivitis.
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